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Group 1's
Dimension One
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Quinn fell to the ground, landing on a swing, aneeasy hit. Next came maggie, she heaed right down a slide. Jo-Jo wasnt so lucky, hitting the ground, Colin did to. Mike landed standed up, so did the Major.

"Well, that felt a lot different" Maggie said.

Quinn replied "Yes, well, as we have one or two more than the vortex is used to, it strained a bit bringing us all trough, if I find the right part on this world I'll fix it"

"How long, Quinn?" Colin asked.

Quinn looked at the timer.... "4 days just about"

"Well, so far, no kromaggs, no army, no bombs, no evil me's...." Maggie commented becoming a bit sarcastic at the end. Quinn smiled at the joke. Quinn turned to the group 

"Look, I know we didnt get off very well in the last world, but since we're sort of stuck with other, we'll have to try and get along, Maggie, that means no fighting with the others!"

"Oh darn" Maggie said with a grin.

Quinn fiddled with the timer for a moment. "What is it?" Jo-Jo asked,

"Well, if thse are co-ordinates are right, I think we've finally foud Wade, the real Wade, our Wade Welles..." 

There was a silence for a moment as it sank in for Quinn and Maggie then the silence was broken by Mike "Who's Wade?"

They looked around. They were in a deserted playground, no one in sight, nothing but rust. "This seems a bit sus, I vote we leave" Maggie said. 

"Yeah, I think you're right" Colin responded.

They stated walking. Everything seemed peacefull enough. "Look guys! an ice cream parlour, its been years since ive had a good icecream!"  Jo-Jo pointed out. They walked toward the door. Colin walked in first, but didnt quite make it, an electronic forcefield pushed him back "ow!" 

"You okay?" The major asked. Colin nodded. Quinn stepped forward to have a look. He looked inside, frm behind the door, there was nothing in there anyway. "weird"

"well there's the special word for today! I havent seen so much as a fly moving here" Maggie commented.

"well, how 'bout a plane?" someone said. they all looked up and saw something that belonged in Back To The Future part 2, a flying car, sort of. 

"Whats the deal Quinn?"

"Im not sure, but it seems, that all these old fashion things down here, like icecream parlours, and playgrounds have been blocked off by someone, and that they're technology progressed a lot faster than ours"

"Thats right, almost" a strangers voice came from behind. It was a woman. 

"Who are you?"

"My name's Danielle, I live here. You're right, many years ago a man named Lincoln, became the president. He demanded progress. Many businesses were cut, half the people on the government's payroll were fired to save money to put toward technological development. It worked to, but when one particular invention killed off 2 thirds of the worlds population, slowly and painfully, Lincoln was murdered. Some thought the disease came from simple things, as you said, playgrounds and supermarkets. So they shut them down, killed whoever worked there, burned their bodies and put up a forcefield, saying it was so no one else got sick. Anyway, by now not many people were left. Those who survived took to the skies, they stole every remaining hover car and ran, that was only three days ago, and they have to come down sometime"

"why wont they come down?" Maggie asked

"Because of the acathla"

"The what?"

"The Acathla, when all those hovercars were stolen they sword that any human they saw, they would shoot, you see, the Acathla aren't really humans, they are men and women , only they are about 3 feet taller than the average person, they all are built, and they all look exactly the same, all the men look the same, all the women look the same, and their breeding, taking over, destroying us"

"I dont get it, why would Wade be here?"

"well....umm, Im Maggie, thats Jo-Jo, the Major, Mike, and this is Colin and Quinn Mallory"

"Mallory?!" the woman said.

Maggie says "Do you think it's possible that when Wade escaped from the Kromagg breeding camp she somehow slid into a new world...this one, not just out of the prison?"

Danielle looked closely at Quinn. She gasped and pulled back slightly. Without saying a word, she took a locket from beneath her shirt. She opened it and stared at it, glancing from it and back again to Quinn.

"I don't believe it," she murmered. She looked up at Quinn, still with a shocked expression.

"You came back for me! After all these years, you've finally came back for me! I KNEW you would!!" she cried, tears coming to her eyes. Before anyone could respond, Danielle ran forward and hugged Quinn tightly. Everyone stared at her like she was crazy.

Quinn pulled away from Danielle. "Sorry, I-Ithnk you've got the wrong person"
Mike said "we better get to somewhere safe, before one of those creatures come. We have to found out  more about this world. The evil kromaggs may be here on this world."
Just then, a vortex opened up and a humanoid figure slid out it doing a flip in the air and landing on his feet.

"A 10 if i must say so myself" he looked up as the Vortex closed "YES! Another slide and no tag alongs. friggin dinosaurs." He looks around "O.k. flying cars, great. lets see. Abandond streets, great. And i am stuck here for... "he looked at his wrist (his timer is kinda an armband with timer built in) "A WEEK!" he yelled "CRAP! I get stuck here for a week, i land on a paradise world and it's a day. I land on a world where  i meet a babe and it's 3 days but no one around and it's a week." He walked the street turning the corner and sees one of the Acathla 

"HUMAN!!!" it yelled "Not exactly Symboite if you must know" the Acathla saw it draw a laser type weapon and fire he doges it artfully "A fast human, so you will die soon enough" The Acathla says Tony shifts to full hybrid mode the only physical indication of his use of the Symbiote is his pupils growing larger,and his eyes changeing to a dark maroon "I don't die" Tony says dodgeing another blast. "I homocide" Tony jumps in the air spinning and connects with a quick kick to the Acathla grabbing it's weapon he says "Live by the,whatever this thing 
is. DIE by the whatever this thing is" as tony is about to pull the trigger another Acathlan hits him from behind knocking him a solid bock forward 

"Good thing i know to roll with the punch" Tony slowly gets up and notices another more normal looking group,includeing 2 people hugging (the mallorys)Tony mumbles to himself "I hate saying this word" and then yells "HELP!!!"

Maggie taps the man on the back he jumps a bit and turns to see Maggie standing there with a grin on her face and her hands behind her back. 

"Guys!" Maggie yelled out. the others joined her.

Quinn looks the man up and down, "He just kicked a bit of Acathla butt" Maggie said. "I would've helped, but I was enjoying it to much"

"A warrior? Looks like you've made a new friend Maggie" Quinn said.

"Im Maggie, this is Quinn, Colin, Danielle, Mike, and the major, and you are?"

"i'm Tony, but you can call me Hybrid. but unless i miss my guess, and i rarely do. Those things are gonna be back and soon. I'm a fighter but i don't do suicide anything powerful to knock me this darn hard i could fight a few but i think that if all of those flying cars are theirs we could be in trouble."

Tony smiled holding up his hand with the "Gun" still in it " i do still have one of their weapons. THIS could be handy though"

Mike pull one of the acathlan off the guy. Mike hit the acathlan and kick him then he knock it out.
Danielle was looking at Quinn with hurt in her eyes. When Tony spoke about getting away from where they were, she decided to have a talk with Quinn later.

"Come on. I know of a place where we can go. It's a place where me and a few of the last survivors still on the ground are hiding out," she told the group. She looked once more at Quinn and led them quickly down a street and into an alley. They made it into an abandonded building without any more problems.

"No one is here now, but make yourselves at home. We may be here a while. Now that they have seen a group of humans, they're going to want to come and exterminate us," Danielle said softly.

"everyone we meet comes via a vortex, how many people figured out sliding!" someone commented from the back of the group.

"Well, you and Maggie will certainly get along, she's a fighter pilot, and seems to do pretty well with other forms of violence" Quinn laughed. 

"Anyway!" Maggie ineterrupted "Their called Acathla's, some weird human mutation or something, ask Danielle, she's the expert"

Maggie walked over to Danielle who was sitting on her own looking at her locket. "Hi, it's a nice necklce" she said sitting down beside her. Despite Maggie's warrior-like abilities, she still could be very understanding. At almost every world, she'd made a friend.

"Hi," Danielle said, looking up at Maggie. "It's 'Maggie', right? Anyways, this isn't just ANY necklace. This is something my father gave to me.. just before he left."

Danielle showed Maggie the locket. Inside was a picture of Quinn! It was an older Quinn (by about ten years), but it was still noticeably Quinn. "I know he thinks that I've made a mistake, but I HAVEN'T! I've been searching for too long to make sucha  mistake," Danielle said, tears in her eyes.

"Yeah..Maggie." Maggie looked at the picture. "Look, we've been to a world where Quinn and I had a son and we were in our 80s, but this cant be Quinn, you're about te same age as us. It could be another's Quinn's father"

"Look, I don't know if he is or not. All I know is that I've been on my own for a long time. He left through a vortex. He was shoved through before he could grab me," Danielle explained. "I'm really sorry about the way I acted. I probably scared him out of his wits. But if you were in my shoes, you'd understand where I was comin from."

Danielle stood and looked at the group before her. She thought for a moment. "We're going to need supplies. There's not enough here for all of us," she told Maggie. "I'll see if I can't find some more stuff for us," she said, walking towards the door.

 "I'll be back shortly. Do NOT leave here. Trust me, if the Acathla are about, and you guys don't know how to get around them, you'll have a lot less people in your group than when you started," she told the group as she left.

"Ill come with you, just in case, hey, gimme that" Maggie said, and Tony handed the gun over to her. She pulled the strap oveer her shoulder, pulled out clip and jammed in a new one. "Thanks" she said and slyly winked at him. Tony semed a bit surprised at how she handled the weapon. Quinn leant over and whispered to Tony "You have no idea."

When they gone,  Quinn spoke up. "So, Tony did you devise that yourself?" Pointing to his timer.
Tony looks at Quinn. "I didn't figure out sliding. My government did i was their guinea pig. but it got me free from 51 so i am happy.
Mike asked Tony "how long have you been slideing.  What kind of worlds have u been on? Do you know how yr timer works? Do you have any spare parts?"
"Oh, I see. Well, you're timer is pretty similar to I take it you took the secret to sliding with you when u left?"
"In answer to you guys questions, As far as i know there where only 2 timers made 1 slider before me and this one, both made by a scientist who accompanied me on my 1st slide, her name was Logan St. something, i forget. But she was a pain in the butt so i left her on another world.As i recall it was one where humans where still in the stone age." Tony laghs "I never studied the timer. So long as it don't take me back to my world i am happy." 

Mike asks "Whats wrong with your world?" 

Tony frowns and answers "Well, if you like being a slave nothing. My world i was an experiment to elvolve humans and make the perfect army. I was bonded to a symbiote that enhanced even that. Basically i am what evolution would do to the humans on my world in a few million years. oh, i do have a few spare parts in another compartment of the armband, Logan was a pain in the butt, but smart enough to think ahead."

Mike said "we could maybe used Tony parts to fixed other timer. We been on this earth for a short time and I already want to leave." Mike  asked Quinn "Do you think we will find Wade? 
General closed his interdimensional communicator and walked up to the group. 

“I was in contact with USAR. It was hard because of this distance, but I did receive authority to give you Mike a commision for Lieutant General. I also received orders to arrest Tony, or whatever you call yourself. You didn’t come here as a guinea pig, you jumped through the 2-way vortex to USAR Prime where you stole the state of the art wrist timers and kidnapped the scientist Logan St. Clair  so that my men would not shoot to kill. Luckly for you they recovered her without a scratch. In fact I think that my men chased you off that world before your timer reached zero. Let me see that timer.” General snatched the wrist timer. “As I thought. Memory banks corrupted from early sliding. Your coming with me.” 

Tony said, “No I am not.” 

“Want to bet?” asked the General drawing his blaster pistol. The General cuffed Tony.

Tony smiled "Hancuffs, you're gonna have to do better than that." (Tony moves his thumbs by the chains and uses the leverage to break the cuffs)

"Maybe that was my double but and hers but i am not from your world, and go ahed shoot that pistol of yours. I heal from everything. I been shot at, stabbed i got caught in explosions i heal from all of it want proof" Tony reaches in his pocket and pulls out a regular gun and puts it to the palm of his hand and shoots, Tony holds his hand up as the wound closes "I heal from just about anything. so unless you wanna try cutting off my head i wouldn't mess with me. Maybe you are from MY world where they made me. Where they bonded me the symbiote, you probobly just want me back so you can recapture my DNA, make that damn army. I can assure you of this i am NOT going with you you'll have to kill me first, and i don't die easy."

Tony throws the gun to Quinn "I prefer beating up guys with my hands and feet. Only cowards use those in one-on-one. U a coward 'Major'"?

Mike said "General I DID NOT ACCECT YOUR OFFER!!!" I  an not involed in the fight with Tony. i want everyone to know this."
Maggie looked back from the doorway ( she was going with Danielle) she ran up and kicked the General, before he locked the cuffs "I don't think so, untill Tony prooves to us he deserves to be locked up you're not taking him, we're wanted on about a hundred different worlds, but we're not criminals. Besides, you may be a big leader on your world, but with us, you're not 
incharge of anyone, or anything!"
Mike said "I agree with Maggie. He has to prove he is this person. So far he prove notthing to me.  I was frist judge because I was part kromagg. They thought I was a evil Kromagg but I am not. I am part Kromagg and Human from a world where Humans and Kromagg live in peace together."
Tony smiles. "Thanks for the help Maggie, not that i needed it. Like i said before either he is from my world i my double did that stuff. I can assure you i am not who he says i am. Remember i am stuck here fighting these Acathla bad guys just like you are."

Tony turns and gives a cold stare to the general "We can settle this later, but if i'm not an experiment like you claim then you should be able to beat me in hand to hand combat, guns are for cowards REAL warriors prefer to fight with their hands."

"HEY!" Maggie interrupted, she was holding a gun

Tony looks at Maggie holding the gun. "I meant in one on one we prefer hands, not guns. Remember i was unarmed and he pointed the blaster at me, and accused me of being a crook, like there aren't probably about 5 trillion different doubles of all of us. (Tony turns and looks at Quinn)And you are the same Quinn, she cursed all the time. What the heck did you do to her? She probobly deserved it.  Heck she deserves alot of things.

Tony shakes Mikes hand "Half-Magg huh, i've only seen them on 2 worlds. From what i can tell they have enhanced abilities too, well have to discuss our powers later. That reminds me, Mike said something about useing my spare parts to repair your timer. How about we use the parts and (Tony looks directly at the General) YOU could slide somewhere else, wait, not worth the effort, sorry... Before you get mad i am done with him. And General, the St. Clair was the name, but she was a royal pain in the butt, and she had slid in our world, she was always curseing some guy name "Quinn" course far as i know his last name was a long list of expletives. She said he caused her to lose her world. Mine found out about slideing by seeing her slide in. So unless your Logan slid in to you'r world it can't be me. Course if you ARE 
from my world sent to bring me back then you would say she did anyway so i guess we are in a stalemate now aren't we. Anything either of us can say the other can deny, so i guess we are in a stalemate. But I was thinkin any of you SEEN his world or seen his ARMY? and by the way how do yo communicate with another dimension.  My world didn't have that technology. I mean we you would have to create a  wormhole to your world to communicate from what i understand of slideing.

Colin looked at Tony, " Quinn" Colin said pointing at his brother.
Mike said "General, Tony is right we never did see your army. I think we have more things to worry about. Quinn  before you said on this world you think Wade was on this world.  Where do u think she is? Are we going to search for her?"
“Wait, a second!” said the General, “The only reason that I drew this was because you had that ‘Acathla’ weapon.” The General reholstered his blaster. “But if you want to fight, let’s go. I am  trained in several styles of martial arts and I have survived seeing my only love disapper and my home destroyed. But let me tell you, if what you say is right about that reverse engineering or whatever is true, it wouldn’t happen on USAR Prime. I am sorry for accusing you wrongly, but it is too much of a chance that what you said and what prespired on my world happened at the same time. And also your timer being damaged the same way that my army believed the stolen timer would.” 

The General looked at Mike. “I said that I had the authority to give you a commision to Lieutant Major, I didn’t say that I did.” 

“Oh and Tony,” said the General turning back toward Tony, “Someone here has seen my world.  The failed scientist Quinn Mallory of my world reported seeing his double jump into his lab. Later trackings of the ion trail of the vortex that appeared there showed that the vortex originated on what Quinn here calls Earth Prime. (General turns to Quinn.) You might remember my world by the green lights meaning the same as the red lights on your world and Elvis still being alive.”

The General reached behind his back and unhooked his communicator off his belt. “This is a Mark 3 interdimensional communicator. It works focusing the beam of the communcator at the small naturally occuring vortexs in subatomic space. It travels until it reaches its target. We have to have these because the evil Kromaggs do, and without them we would fall faster than any of your worlds would. If you think this is amazing, than you would truly be shell-shocked by the technology that USAR and I have developed.”

The General returned the communicator to his belt. “I think we should go after Wade. She’d probably found away up in these hovercar things or a small resistance cell. And Maggie, I might not be in control of my army here, but I am your best chance of getting you through this war alive. You have no idea of what I have been through, and I am only half your age. You might have been a great fighter pilot, but that doesn’t mean a thing here on the ground. Your expertness will be needed later in the skys.”

The General hacked out a cough. “Excuse me, these darn allergies. As I was saying, you each have a skill that is necessiary for us to get through this world and find Wade. Maggie, as I said your intelligence of piloting. Collin, your pure intellect. Quinn, your ablity to jury-rig a timer and your knowledge of Wade. Danelle, your knowledge of this world. Mike, your survival instinct. Tony, your…durablilty. And I believe mine is ground warfare and leadership. Now we have to get along or no one is going to make it to the window! So let’s make peace and but it all behind us.”

"EXCUSE ME?! *HALF* my age? what, are you about 14, 15 years old? And you dont know a thing about me, or "my skills", we've always done just fine on our own and we've seen much worse than this, *I* dont know what *YOU'VE* got thru, get into reality, we've been sliding for a long time, and we've seen more that any person in this world, or any other world, so if you want to live through this world, I suggest you shut up and stop acting like we're an army and you command us, no one commands Margaret Beckett" 

Quinn touched the Major on the shoulder "You know, when she calls herself 'margaret', I think she really means it!"

 "Wait a second. You guys aren't going anywhere just yet. I am POSITIVE that the Acathla are roaming about. They won't find us in here. I, on the other hand, have to venture out there and get some supplies so that you CAN have a chance to survive," Danielle protested. She stopped to think about what the general said about Wade.

 "Okay, this girl you are looking for, you think she's here?" she asked, looking at Quinn. Withuot waiting for an answer, she went on. "Well, you can't go looking for her until morning anyway. So, just settle down, ALL OF YOU, and I'll be back as soon as possible," she said, turning towards the door yet again. "Maggie, you coming or not?"

"Yeah, Im ready, Quinn, do u have any idea where on this world Wade could be?" 

Quinn looked up "Well, the co-ordinates I produced to track her qauntum track, say she's about 30 miles east" 

Danielle seemed startled "that's the zone, the zone is the only place where the Acathla cant get in, but thats because no one can get in, and no one can get out, but I'm sure Maggie here, and I can get her out, besides that, you stay here, two people would be easier to get in than 6 or so"

"well, let's get going"

Mike said "Quinn I would like to go with you and help, I  want to help get Wade back.  I also had a Wade in my life but I lost her."
“As a matter of fact, Margaret, I am fifteen, thank you. And I don’t know what you think you are so great for! I know that your world was physically blown apart, but mine was emotionally torn apart! Like you everyone that I cared about is dead too. And it doesn’t matter whether they were killed by a neutrio star or by a Kromaggot. And I have been across thousands of worlds, not seeing what came of them, but what Kromaggs I could kill on it. I guess we are in the same boat, both seeing our loves die,” said General. 

The General turned to Quinn, “Here is my blaster, you will need it to find Wade and protect our camp tonight. I am going out to try and find some things we can use. And possibly some ground transport. Thirty miles is a long way and I never liked marching it.” 

Quinn took the blaster and General shook his hand. He went over to Mike and shook his hand, “Think about my offer, it is open whenever.” The General turned toward Maggie and stuck out his tongue. General ran out of the area before Maggie could pounce on him.

"Maggie, stay calm" Quinn said to maggie. "Oh im calm she replied, but the stupid kid is going to get himself killed, Danielle just finished explaining how dangerous it is out there and itll be hard enough concealing two people, i just hope he doesnt come crawling back to us...I MEAN IT!"
Tony begins to laugh, "You mean a 15 year old BRAT who sticks his toung out at people thinks he could take me down and acts like HE is boss. I'm sorry this is downright FUNNY. Maybe well get lucky and he'll run into a few Acathla and be a distraction for you and Danielle."
Mike said "We have to get the general. I know he is a brat, but he is only a child."
Tony looks at mike. "Look, i may sound cold but i don't want him to die, but if we go after him odds are it just ends up in more of us dead. I say we give him some time to cool off, if he isn't back soon 1 or 2 of us look for him. but no more. I personally want to make it off this world."
"Tony, you have a point," Mike said. "OK I agree with you but if he does not come back in a couple of hours we go  after him ok.  Tony we have some time you want to talk about yourself. You said before You wanted to talk about our skills."
"my powers" tony says " I am stronger than most humans. I'm not Superman and i can't lift a ton or anything like that. But i can knock most regular humans out with one good punch. I am faster than most humans. Infact on one world i got an offer to be in their Olympics. And i heal fast. I've even been caught in a place with a bomb, and the guy standing next to me got 3rd 
degree burns. I did too and it took about a month but i toatally healed. it depends n the amount of damage,i am not sure what the limits are, not like i wanna shoot myself in the head and find out if i'll heal from that. Know what i mean? In emotional terms i am like most humans i do have a bit of a temper but i WAS made to be a killing machine. I was my worlds first draft, they forgot to take out indepentdant thought. I heard they where gonna try again just before i slid, take out the free will, but the major scientist responsible for me didn't want them to do it. With any luck ill never go back to ask if they did or didn't. What kinda powers do you have?"
Mike says " me being half kromagg i am stonger about 2  times stonger then a human. I  am as smart  as Quinn. I being half  kromagg I can get into any Evil Kromagg  place which will come in handy".
“Well,” said the General coming through the door, “I also have a photographic memory, and I am quiet. Unlike you loud twirps! The only reason the Acathans don’t come in here is that they are to big to fit through the door! I have discovered something of some use to us. There is a small human encampment in the abandoned subway system. The nearest usable entrance that they knew about was a couple of blocks down the street. I asked them if they had heard of Wade and they said they had. In fact they said she just passed through there a week or two back. They also said that you could get almost anywhere in the city through the tunnels and if we needed it they could loan us some transports. They are pretty nice people down there, especially the leader of their group. His name is Conrad Bennish, and he has this little Scottish Terrior named Henry. Pretty funny acutally,” said the General. “Hey Quinn, could I have my blaster back?”
Tony grins and turns to General "Glad you came back, nice to know i won't have to risk my neck on running after your tempermental behind. And nice to know he is too smart to let you have that gun, or blaster or whatever, Way your acting you'd shoot yourself. Wait i ment for a bad thing to happen if you got it bck, YOu may shoot someone else. Look if we are gonna find this Wade person we need to actually look for her. I suggest once night hits and the ladies get back we split up."
"Funny, the women are out hunting, the men are at home waiting. Wade would be pleased with this No, Maggie and Danielle knows where she is, they'll get her out, only if they can't will we go out, you heard what Dani said, you dont know exactly where and when to hide, you havent got a prayer"
Tony shrugs. "Fine. Man i hate sitting around doing nothing. on all my slides i ATLEAST got to run from a dinosaur or fight a Nazi or something, i guess in my biography i'll put this down as "sat on my butt" world. Well, stupid question, maybe, but since i never MET this Wade person, what is she like?"
"Okay, just stay close to the wall and we'll be okay," Dani told Maggie. Both of the women froze and held their breath as a hovercar flew overhead, obviously searching for something. Dani muttered some obscenity under her breath.

"They know there are humans about. They're searching for us," Danielle explained at Maggie's questionable glance in her direction.

"Tell me more about this.. zone," Maggie said. (Sorry! But I can't just talk to myself!!!)

"The Zone is one of the few areas that those monsters can't get into. I don't know the complete story, but it's sort of a safe-haven for humans. The GOOD thing about it is that the Acathla don't know exactly WHERE is it. Think of it as the Court of Miracles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You know, where all the gypsies hid from the bad guy?" Danielle asked as they crept through the streets, stopping at every little noise.

 "Okay, there SHOULD be a storage area around here. We have them all over the city," Danielle said after a while. She stopped and kicked a wooden door in. She turned to Maggie and grinned. "You just have to know where to look."

The General sits at laughs over in the corner with his arms crossed with the blaster in the hand sticking out on top. “You will never find Wade on this world. Or Maggie, Danielle, or that jerk General of yours. Conrad, I need your help again.” A ragged man came through the door who was in a similar condition as Danielle was. “Oh, and don’t worry Tony, I have this device here that neutrallizes your powers. You didn’t think that the person who made you would make you so you wouldn’t be able to be stopped, now did you? Men, grab them.” Several more men appeared and they grabbed all of the Sliders.

“You see on my, and I guess Tony’s world, I became a gentic engineer, not a quatum physist as on that…thing who claims to be me world. But now because of him I can transport more than I could ever before trans-dimensionally with his timer here and I can communicate with my homeworld with his communicator. So here we go!”  The synical General opened a vortex that glowed blood red. The men took there captives through the vortex and when they were all though the evil General followed. When they were on the other side they were thrown into a jail cell with force field barriers that could hold even Tony. But  unbeknownest to the evil General, while the force field cell could hold Tony, his ‘disabler’ could not on there home. 

The evil General’s command center was similar in set up to the good, peace-loving, non-brat General’s command, except for the darker, dingyer looks and the force field cells. There were none on the orginal’s command deck. “In that jail cell next to you is your friends, all of them.” A light came up and the captives could see each other. Everyone in the other cell looked ok except for the General who was knocked out cold on the cell’s lone bunk. “Your General was too much of a security risk, so I took the liberty of injecting him with the same 
stuff I injected Tony, only at a thousand-fold increase in concentration. He should die soon! You should enjoy yourselfs, you are going to be here for a while!” The evil General turned to his desk and started working again. The lights flickered. “Those @*&#^ generators! Oh, is this exciting enough for your enjoyment Tony? Or should I say Alpha657Niner? Ha, ha, ha, ha! This was so easy! Ever since it began when I stole the General away from your group 
in the slide realm with his own technology, perfected by my lover Logan St. Clair, of course! She will be so proud. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Now I can take off this freaking patch, I hate the USAR!” And with one swift tear, the patch was off.

Tony waits till the evil General walks out, Tony barely grins to the other sliders.

*Dumb guy ain't he*

"Wait" Mike says "you..."

*Yeah I talked without moving my lips, a power THEY didn't make the sybiote is sentient, they didn't now that.I am semi-telepathic, i can talk and read yours and they can't hear it. Cool huh? and they never got a second alien symbiote. it can keep me alive even with his drugs, and it enhances my healing. How often DO you do this stuff i mean i never met MY double before. Anyway i never siad EVERYONE on my world was evil, unless i miss my guess a few of my contacts have to still be here. And the rest of the 'Experiments' too. A guard i remember as a nice guy should be on duty here pretty soon.*

"im impressed" Magie said with her usual grin of approvement. They entered the storage room. "I dont get it, nothing but brooms and buckets". Dani smiled and she pulled a mop out of a bucket. Then she pushed her hand on the bottom of the bucket, to show she had human hands, and a small panel was revealed. She put the mop back in. 

'Press the big purple button will you Maggie" Said Dani. Maggie pushed the only "big purple button On the panel and all of a sudden Maggie felt like she was sliding and landed in a yard, with barbed wire, gun posts and a big old building, looked like a former prison. "Welcome to the zone..Maggie Beckett"

"Okay, just stay close to the wall and we'll be okay," Dani told Maggie. Both of the women froze and held their breath as a hovercar flew overhead, obviously searching for something. Dani muttered some obscenity under her breath.

"They know there are humans about. They're searching for us," Danielle explained at Maggie's questionable glance in her direction.

"Tell me more about this.. zone," Maggie said.

"The Zone is one of the few areas that those monsters can't get into. I don't know the complete story, but it's sort of a safe-haven for humans. The GOOD thing about it is that the Acathla don't know exactly WHERE is it. Think of it as the Court of Miracles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You know, where all the gypsies hid from the bad guy?" Danielle asked as they crept through the streets, stopping at every little noise.

"Okay, there SHOULD be a storage area around here. We have them all over the city," Danielle said after a while. She stopped and kicked a wooden door in. She turned to Maggie and grinned. "You just have to know where to look."

Quinn crawled out from under the hole in the floor after te others had been taken. He adjusted te timer to track there wormhole and quickly wrote down the numbers as they flashed up for only a few seconds. Now all Quinn could do, was what for Maggie to get back with wade, he could sure use Maggie's expertees in this area.
As the sliders are just sitting around a new big male guard enters i full regalia reliveing the other guard.

"Heres some food" he says pushing it through.

Tony speaks to the sliders "Cool they let stuff in but not out. hi Garrison, normally i'd be happy to see ya, but today hasn't exactly gone my way now has it?" the guard stays silent. 

Tony grabs a peice of food and eats it. and thought-speaks to the others *knew it,Garrison is one of the few good people on this world. He this food has an anti-virus in it. another taste and i will be fine. good thing i was just waiting for this. Let's see. My timer band is over there, and judgeing from what i saw when the General left the next room is....YES!!!* Tony grabs another bite of the anti-dote food and grins *Now let's hope Maggie,Wade Danielle, and Quinn can hurry their butts up and get us out of here.*

Tony does a slim grin.  "O.k. General. We all do want to get off this crappy world. And if Wade is a friend of Quinn, i'll help. but remember General, there are probobly infinate versions of me and of you. Lots of simular situations. After all i once went to a world where the only significate difference from my world was no 51. (Tony looks around and notices the 
semi-confused looks) 51, is area 51, On my world everyone thought they had Aliens there, only alien they ahd was my symbiote. It was really for Genetic Research. I think they called it GENETIX. General for now we can get along. I want to help the rest of this group and get off this world, i saw your timer runs out in a few days. MINE is stuck for a week. and the damage, as Maggie probobly saw was caused by the Acathla. but if you DO want to continue this it's fine with me. but don't forget i was made to be the ultimate weapon. I have a few martial arts skills too, personal fave is Jeet Kun Do. Made by Bruce Lee, in my world he was a major martial arts film star. he trained me himself (Get it in Tonys world Bruce lived) He didn't care for them keeping me in lockdown but figured knowing his art might help me someday.  and it has on a few worlds. So for now i can forgive. but remember that  i am not the type who FORGETS easy.  I got memory like an elephant if you know what i mean." Tony shakes the generals hand, turns around and then spins inhumanly fast and kicks at (doesnt connect) making his foot pass just an inch in front of the Generals nose. "Remember i was made to be able to beat even the best normal human warrior." Tony walks off and sits down

Mike turns to everyone and asks "how r we going to get  out of here.Quinn  you been sliding longer than me.  Does your doubles share  the same personal. If this evil general is like ours maybe we can used that against him.  No offense to our General."
The good General weaking stirs. “Mike,”  he says softly, “Mike I need your help. You need my timer to go back to the Acathan world to slide out. When you get out take down that jerk who…cough…cough…claims to be me. Get my gear and use my blaster to torch is…cough…spat…and when you get my timer press three, four, pound, excute. That will get you back. Do not touch …cough… it could explode.” The last few words die off as he passes off again.
Mike turns to the others and said "What should we do?."
Danielle led Maggie into a huge compound that was vastly surrounded by heavily armed guards.

"I thought you said there were few survivors," Maggie said softly. Dani grinned.

"No, I said there were few survivors on the ground of the world we were on at the time. Everyone who was unable to get into the sky went here for refuge," Danielle explained. "Come on. We need to get some supplies still... and we'll ask around for your friend, Wade," Dani said after they walked into the compound. Danielle began leading the way through the maze of corridors and tunnels.

"OK, wait, look" Maggie pointed to a light coming through a window. Maggie heard a familar voice "Maggie?"
Wade says,  "Hello, Maggie, I sure missed the way we used to bicker all the time.Who's your companion?  Have I got a story for you and Quinn.  By the way, where's Rembrandt?"
Danielle sticks her hand out to Wade. "Name's Danielle. But you can call me Dani," Dani says. Maggie and Danielle help Wade out of the  place she was in. Wade was a little weak, but otherwise fine (at least it LOOKED that way).

"We still have to get supplies. I can pack 'em up in backpacks and we can easily carry them back. Maggie, why don't you and Wade get some serious fire-power. It's going to be a lot harder to get back to everyone than it was getting away from them," Danielle said, moving off in another direction. 

"Meet me back here in a half-an-hour. If you get lost, just ask someone for help, the people here are very helpful that way," she called over her shoulder.

The Evil General walked over to the cell with the Good General in it. “Ha, ha, ha! You were invinsible once, now I can crush you in a second. But I won’t, that be to easy! I am going to take your place in the USAR and us it to take over the multiverse!”

The Good General stirred and weakly said, “Commander Constant and King Josef the Third will stop you…”

“How hilarious! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! They’re just as stupid as you, in fact, they are you! You were defainty the brains of the outfit, all 2 IQ of it. The ‘King’ never had to deal with an wars cause if you remember the world was Prussia-unifed and that Commander, ha! He is from the same world as these clowns, Earth Prime. I could take Earth Prime in a second! And they would never know the difference. They didn’t! Ha ha ha ha!” laughed the evil General.

The lights flickered and the computers flashed on and off. “They better fix those #@$% generators! I hate to stop this enlightening conversation, but I have to go kick some butt.”  The evil General walked off as the good General prayed for the safety of the USAR and the multiverse.

"Wade!" Maggie ran up and gave her a big hug, despite everything, she was glad to see her. 

"You have no idea how long it ook us to find you! This is Dani, Quinn's back on the other ide with some new friends, The professor's alive, its a long story. But in the last world so many people unwantingly joined up with us and we had to split into two groups, Remmy's in the other"

Wade (in shock) stammers out, "Huh? Arturo alive? I missed his complaints about our landings, his booming laugh, and especially his occasionally calling people, 'Blistering Idiots.'"
Mike goes over to Tony and Quinn and asked  "Do you have any  idea how to get out of here? Quinn, you have a knack of getting out of tough situations. I hope we can get a good idea to get us out of here.  Do you think Maggie and Dani found Wade and knows we are gone?

"Tony how r we going to get out of here?"

Garrison leans back and motions to the other guards. They move next to the entrance makeing sure no one is comeing in. Garison hits the button downing the forcefield. He smiles at the sliders "Not all of us agree with that scumbag of a general, Actually about 90% of us are sick of him." 

One of the sliders asks if they can Trust Garrison. Tony says "yeah he's one of the good guys. Where's the timer?" Garrison smiles and points to Tonys timer on the table.

Tony grabs it and Garrison pulls another timer from his pocket "Always have a backup, The government didn't trust our general either. They saw him as powermad and a security risk. All the rest of the government wants to do is learn how to protect ourselves sliding. They decided to fire the evil general but remember he has a following and can track us. I assume you all want back on the last world you where on?" 

The sliders answer at once "YEAH!" Garrison picks up the still out cold good General and starts the timer and they all go throught the wormhole. They land back on Acathla world. 

Tony smiles at Quinn. and says "After my timer runs out i am leaving you guys. sorry but I am what the Evil General is after he isn't gonna give up. Garrison i know you wanted out of the army. Well this is an O.k. group. Tony ignites his slider and says tothe group "Maybe we'll bump into one another later" and slides.

Garrison looks at Quinnand says " I guess you are the leader of this group from what i heard them saying. I'm Garrison. Here." He hands his machine gun to Mike and gives the other small regular guns "Always be prepared incase my General comes back I don;t want to kill but 
sometimes it's kill or die. Just a sec" He pulls out a needle and some medicine and gives it too the good General. "An antidote he'll be back up in a few minutes but he'll have a hell of a hangover."

Mike welcomes Garison to the  group, Mike then asked Quinn if he know anything  about Wade or Maggie. "When do we slide off this world."
 Danielle hurried away from the two girls and nearly ran into a man as he was turning the corner, also in a hurry. She skidded to a stop and was able to stop before she hit him. He did the same.

 "Dani! I've been looking all over for you! Come on, I'll explain on the way," the man said. Danielle hesitated, but followed.

 "Commander, what is the matter?" she asked.

 "We've detected a few more vortex openings," he said, glancing at her. Danielle bit her lip.

 "How many since the one with the group I went out to meet?" she asked.

 "There have been four... and only one of them led back here," the commander told her. Danielle looked at him.

 "Have you checked them out yet?" she asked. He stared at her and stopped.

 "That's the problem. All three were pinpointed in the exact location," he said, pushing open a door for Danielle to go through. He pointed to a spot on a huge map. "Here."

 "That's where- Oh no," Dani said. The commander looked at her for an explanation. "That's where I left the others, before I came here with another woman, looking for a friend of hers. Were you able to trace any of vortexes?" she asked. The commander shook his head.

 "No. But we WERE able to tell one thing about the first one. A large group left through it. The second one had come and gone too quickly to tell. The third is kind of hard to tell, but we think only one body went through it. There are a lot of possibilities here, Dani," the commander said. Danielle nodded.

 "I have to find the other to and get back as soon as possible. We have to see if everyone is okay," Danielle said, turning to leave. Suddenly, an alarm went off. Both Danielle and the commander looked to a woman at a console.

 "Sir, there is a large group of the Acathla converging upon the area where those three vortexes were pinpointed. Danielle's eyes widened. She turned to the woman.

 "Where's the nearest teleport to there?" she demanded. The woman was able to pinpoint a spot and show Danielle. Danielle ran for the door. The commander caught her by her arm. She turned and looked at him.

 "Be careful," he said. Danielle nodded and left the room. She had to find Maggie and that girl, Wade, and get to the others. Only extremely large groups of Acathla were able to trigger the sensors. The group which had been found was one of the largest she had seen yet.

 She was able to grab some weapons and a large backpack with some food in it as she tried to find the two girls.

Mike said  "Wade and Maggie  and Dani  should be back soon. I can't wait to get off this God for saken world.  I hope the next world  would be better then this one."
Garrison smiled barely. "I just hope we dont have any big rumbles. I am sick of fighting really. Look i may be new to this group but i am sure we are gonna have to do some major work here people. Look you said a few people aren't here. Should we look for them, or just wait?"
Mike said "I think we should wait  here for the other.  It'd be safer to wait, we don't want to run into those things again."
The General shook off the headache that plauged his brain. He put his blaster and communicator into their rightful pockets. He turned to Mike, “What has happened? The USAR is in turmoil and did you guys get that evil me? He caught me off guard. Hopefully he didn’t screw up what I have worked for. Being a teenager I have found it hard to get respect for my position. Some who have been in a similar situation have found their respect by swinging around a blaster, I don’t do that. I would rather fight with my mind then my fists, but the Kromaggs don’t fight that way. That is why I am forced to carry this godforsaken thing.”
Danielle raced down the hall to where she had left Wade and Maggie, but they weren't there. She muttered an obscenity and wondered what to do next. She lifted her wrist and tapped on the wrist-communicator she had managed to grab before she left.

 "Commander? What's the status of the Acathla?" she demanded, glancing around. There was a crackle of static and the commander responded.

 "Dani, they are about a mile away now. If that group is still there, they are going to be in a LOT of trouble," he said. Danielle nodded.

 "I KNOW. Trust me, I KNOW," she muttered. "Okay, I can't find the two girls I left here. They have NO clue what's going on over there. Can you get me close to the action?" she asked.

 "Not without putting you directly into the group of Acathla," came the response.

 "Okay, put me right behind the advancing group. I'll attack from behind and hopefully... HOPEFULLY... get everyone out," Danielle said, making her way to the transport area.

 "Dani, that's SUICIDE!!" the commander shouted at her.

 "Well, sometimes people do crazy things," she pointed out, finally stopping. "I hope to see you soon, Commander," she said. The commander sighed.

 "The coordinates are in. Be careful."

 "Aren't I always?" Danielle asked with a smile. She pressed a button and was immediately transported to a storage shed. She stepped out carefully and saw a HUGE group of Acathla ships were moving toward the warehouse Danielle had originally left the others in. They were almost completely on top of them!!

Mike  yell  out and  said  "THE ACATHLA  ARE COMING!!!  we are going to be over run with these things.  We  have to get to cover."
Meanwhile, in another dimension, a woman was frantically searching for any remnants of a timer.  She'd been stuck on this uninhabited, god-forsaken planet for two years now.  Enough was enough.  *Quinn screwed me over once before.  His friends aren't gonna do it again!* She thought.

She had woken up when she heard the trademark woosh of air as Arturo and company's vortex shut close.  She tripped over several of the "suits" as she tried to get her hands on everything technological.

She rushed back to her cave where all of the mathematical equations were scribbled out on the wall like crudely fashioned caveman drawings.

Wade and Maggie hear footsteps coming.They stand on either side of the door as it opens and someone walks in."Freeze!"Wade barks."Now,turn around slowly."The intruder follows orders."Quinn!"Wade shouts."I thought I'd never see you again after I got abducted by the Kromaggs."
“Get to cover?” said the General in surprise, “I have a thrist for monster blood! And since there are no Kromaggots here these are close enough!” 

The General popped open his communicator, “Get us some weapons here stat!” 

“Sorry sir, we can only arm you. Our army is guarding the western fronts. Oh, there is someone here to deliver your weapons.” The General closed his communicator and a vortex opened. A familiar face jumped through. 

“General, Commander Joseph Constant of Earth Prime reporting for duty. Here are the blaster rifles you requested.” 

“Good,” said the General. The General threw one to Mike and powered up one for himself. Commander Constant did the same. “Today is a good day to die!” yelled the General.

He charged out the door with blaster blazing. “Come on my dimensional brother!” yelled the General. Commander ran out the door. Two deadly Constants, what were they going to do?

Garrison muttered a curse "Damn, i hate fighting. thats why i colunteered to join up with you. Ahh well." Garrison reaches behind his back and pulls out a blaster of his own. it almost looks like a stormtroopers guns in S. Wars. "O.k. so lets be prepared. these acathla, Tony ESPed me about them, bug, ugly hate humans right?" The sliders nod. "Terrific, just terrific...." Inturrupting Garrison a huge pounding hits the door, than more and more all over.
Danielle skidded to a stop as she realized a couple of the Acathla had heard her behind them. Turning an immediate about-face, she realized she HADN'T come out just behind the group as she had expected. There were still some on foot behind her. She screamed and dove to the ground as blasters began going off.

 "Shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot*," Danielle muttered as she raced toward one of the surprised Acathla soldiers. At the very last second she slid between it's very long legs before it could do anything. She slid feet first and got to her feet immediately. Ignoring the newly torn hole in her pants, she pulled out her blaster and blasted the thing as it turned around. Not only did IT scream in pain, but others did. Only THEY were screaming in pure anger and hatred. Dani's eyes widened and she began running for her life, trying to get to the alley ahead that had a doorway into the warehouse. She needed to warn the others, if they hadn't already figured it out. If they had, they were still going to need help in fighting.

She had just found the door when a laser blast sliced through her arm. Danielle screamed in pain and crashed through the wooden door and onto the cement floor. Across the room, she could see the others as they prepared to fight the Acathla.

The two Constants charged, slaying the Acathans in their way. They were regular bash brothers. It became quiet. They scared off the first wave, they thought. They left an empty flying ship in the field full of blood. The two Constants jumped in, General in pilot and Commander in co-pilot. “Come on you two!” yelled General. He powered up the ship.

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