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Group 2's First Dimension:
"My lord!  Where are we?" Remmy asked in desperation

"It would appear we have landed on a world where life has never taken place."

The group looked around at their surroundings.  The primordial ooze that they had heard so much about as students ran all around their feet.

Arturo looked at the timer. "Not to worry, we only have about 2 hours here.  Let's see if we can't find the other group, eh?"

With that, the group began to walk around aimlessly, trying to avoid the strange puddle of ooze that seemed to be moving anywhere disregarding the laws of physics.

After about 30 minutes of walking around in the swealtering heat, Arturo decided he had to sit down.  He found a rock nearby that looked comfortable and sat down.  He placed his hands besides his hips and realized there was a man-made item.

"Oh, good lord!" Arturo exclaimed.

"What, what's happened, professor?" Remmy asked, always concerned about the other people.

Arturo picked up the item and waved it around like a mad-man.  "Do you recognize this?!"  It appeared to be some kind of remote.

"No, why?"

"Life has never occured in this dimension, yet there is a man-made object sitting here in the open.  It's damaged, but it's very familiar..."  Arturo explained.

"You don't think..." Remmy half-asked.

"I do.  I think Logan St. Clair has landed on this world and is stranded.  By the looks of this old timer, it's been fairly beaten."

"Logan St. Clair...  heh...  Who woulda known?"

The group turned their attention to a cave located about half a kilometer away...

Nobody noticed that Jeremy had falled into a simmering pond of primordial ooze when the vortex spat him out. Next thing he knew they had trudged off after Arturo forgetting him.

So, for the past half hour, Jeremy had been tracking the group. He took off his black leather coat, because for some reason this prehistoric Earth liked to keep things hot and humid.

However, Jeremy stopped a lot along the way to examine the ooze, and soil and everything. Imagine being on a world where no life had occured! The scientific possibilities were endless.

Jeremy found the group eventually, as the were walking toward a cave in the distance. 

Everyone looked at him, crusted in dried ooze. He smelled awful, and needed a good shower, as if he would get it here. Nevertheless, two hours isn't that long.

"What the heck is this?It looks like Uncle Jelly's Jelly, but this one really stinks." Rb said, looking at the substance that was all over him.He had was also trown to the ooze.  Then he looked at Jeremy and noticed that he was like a jelly man too.  Funny..

About Inys, she was okay.  Only some scratches on her knees.  She got up and followed the others to the cave that was not too far from them.  She check her laser gun....  positive, still functioning properly.

Then she wondered about her world...  was her world doomed already?  She remembered the purpose of her sliding...  getting the microship back...  and her two partners...  did they make it?  How and where were they?

The criminal, Jack Crow, that jerk.. where the heck was he?.... that was impossible to know.  All she knew was that , she didn't have much time..  people are suffering..  no energy for the daily basic necessities.  Unfortunaly..  there was nothing she could do and she wondered once again if she would ever go back home.

'Is anybody else hungry?' he asked. He hadn't eaten since his arrival on the last world, and his stomach was making itself heard.

They trudged onward toward the cave.

"You shouldn't have asked that..  it reminds my stomach that it's lunch time..  BUT, I think I still got some bars of chocolate that came with me from  my world.  He--...."Rb was going to give Jeremy the chocolate when he noticed that it had beenl oozed. "DAMN!"

Inys pulled a small box of capsules and hanged to Rb and Jeremy. RB looked at her , like she was a martian or something.  A simple question "What is this?"

Inys told them that it was a capsule which contains water and other vitamins.  It was used when people need something to drink and something to eat, some energy. "..this capsules are used in special occasions, specially for soldiers and other special agents, when they travel to a long place.  It's pretty useful and it activates after 3 minutes.  Hope this can help you two for a while..." Inys finished her explanation. 

"Well , better than nothing.Thanks." RB swallowed the capsule.

Jeremy tried the capsule that Inys had offered. His first instinct was to spit it out, but hunger overcame him and he swallowed it reluctantly.

'Tastes like cardboard,' he said, and he cleared his throat. 'How much longer here? Must be close to an hour now I should think.'

Everybody looked at the ominous cave. It loomed.

'Ladies first?' said Jeremy sheepishly.

Lauren Mallory grinned at Jeremy and walked ahead into the cave, she pulled a flash light out of her backpack and shined it on the cave walls.

"Looks safe so far." She called back to the others who were still waiting at the cave entrance.

Inside the cave there were definite signs of life. There were ashes from a fire, and what looked like engineering schematics crudely drawn on the walls with chalk and charcoal.

Jeremy inspected the drawings more carefully, while everybody stood around trying to locate the thing that lived here.

'These look like designs for a timer,' he said. 'Although there's some strange new parts and
connections here that I've never seen before. How much does this Logan woman know?'

Arturo looked at him gravely, but instead of dwelling on it Jeremy stared at the diagrams, fascinated by the technology.

'I wonder what this strange triangular coil is here,' he mumbled to himself, leaving the others to go about their business while he learned more about Logan's timer designs. 'She'll never be able to build this here unless she has parts.'

Then a thought occured to him, and he looked at Arturo, with the timers in his hands.

'Lets slide out of here before she comes back, eh?' 

"I wish we could, however we've still got 45 minutes on this godforsaken earth.  Besides, Logan didn't know Sliding worth beans.  She fried everything she sent into a vortex, including my double!"  Arturo exclaimed.

"Yeah, we can't just leave now.  What if the rest of the group is here, too, and we just abandon them?  They'd never forgive for that."  Remmy made a good point.

At that point, Logan walked in behind the group and started laughing hysterically.

"Omigod!" Remmy yelled.

"Good God, woman!  What in the world is your problem?!"  Arturo was shocked at Logan.

Her laughing slowly  subsided, and she began to speak.  "Wow...  I never thought I'd see you again.  Didn't I kill you... Twice???"  Logan was obviously delusional.

"I don't think so...  How long have you been here?" Arturo was fascinated by Logan.  Her hair was long and dirty, and it looked like she hadn't had a shower in over a year.  The primordial ooze was crusted on her just as it was on Jeremy, Renato and several of the other members of the group.

"Quinn pushed me through that vortex, and I ended up here..."  Logan's laughing returned, but more maniacally this time.

Arturo turned to Jeremy and began a quick diagnosis. "She's obviously suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  She's been here for 2 years.  How she's survived without food for 2 years is anyone's guess."

Like a kleptomaniac show monkey, Logan scrambled over to Arturo, who had his back to her, and pulled the timer right out of his pocket.

"FINALLY!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.  "Finally, I can leave this world.  I wonder if a Big Mac will still taste good after 2 years of drinking this... ooze..."

"Oh man...  Why'd we have to leave King Kallahanee's Pagan Fertility Feast several worlds back... That was the perfect world...  Now it's been nothing but trouble."  Rembrandt fell down against the cave wall and cried dry tears, so it was almost as if he was laughing hard.

Arturo looked at the far corner of the room and noticed a pool of the ooze next to a table with several crudely fashioned cups.  He motioned for Jeremy to follow him and check it out.

"Two years inside this wacko cave would sure cause some effect.  The more I wait, the more I want to get out of here.  This ooze is making me sick... Holy, man, GOD DAMN! She has been drinking that stuff? I'm gonna throw up..." Rb said, feeling sickly as he approached the pool of ooze where Arturo and Jeremy were.

"So, what are we gonna do? And who's that lady? Your ex-girl friend?" Rb asked the group, his voice making a echo inside the cave. 

Inys went to see if Rembrant was ok. He didn't look good....

"Hey, are you alright?  I know how it is to leave your world and travel trough millions of different worlds.  And it doesn't seems funny at all...  For you, today is just another day of finding the way back home.  For me, is just the beginning. However, I won't loose my hope.... I still got to catch the guy who stole the microship and caused a world catastrophe.  Find my friends... c'mon, cheer up.... Look, I'm still a stranger, but I'm getting well with you  guys.." Inys said to Remmy, trying to comfort him.  Then she gave him her hand to help him stand up.

Arturo was busy examining the pool, when he finally realized that Renato had asked him a question...  After an uncomfortable delay, he finally responded.  "My girlfriend, are you out of your mind?!  She is Quinn Mallory's double from some bizarre world that would have been better off without this woman!  She blatantly fried everyone she knew trying to create sliding!"
'You're saying she turned everyone she sent through a vortex into an extra crispy bucket of wings? But those diagrams made a lot of sense. Surely she could have learned something ...'

Jeremy decided not to persue the issue. He instead changed the subject to future events. For some reason he suspected that Arturo had no real intention of studying the ooze.

'Okay, now I know we don't like her, and she's obviously delusional, but we can't leave her here. I may not have great people skills, but I'm not heartless.

'I say we get her timer back, and slide to the next world with her as a captive. Then we find the nearest thing to a mental hospital, and we're scott free.'

"Yes, that's not too bad of an idea." Arturo responded. "Mr. Brown, can you tell how much time is left before we're supposed to slide?"

"I wish I could tell you, professor, but Logan is hiding that thing away good.  She doesn't want to be here any longer than she has to..."

Arturo was furious, they were gonna get that timer back!  He motioned for Rembrandt, Jeremy and Renato to huddle around him.  "Okay, here's what we need to do..."  Arturo went on with a little plan that seemed like an offensive plan for a high school football game.

"Break!" Rembrandt shouted in the heat of the moment.  "Oops, sorry..."

The four took their strategic locations around Logan and prepared to strike.

Just as they had manouvred into position, a black vortex swirled around and a strange figure fell out. He looked vaguely two dimensional for a second, before he gained the extra dimension and groaned.

Logan saw her chance, and bolted. 

'A plot!' shouted Jeremy. 'She wasn't really crazy, at least no more than she already had been. Now she's got the timer and we're running out of time.'

He just left the cave in time to see her disappear behind another rocky outcrop.

Jeremy turned to the new fellow and said : 'Thanks buddy. Know how to run really fast?'. Janus merely looked confused.

While the others looked at the new stranger, Renato went after Logan.Then Inys followed him.After a while, both of them were out of sight from the others.

Inys was going to shoot her, but Renato shouted no.He turned back his head to his front...and Logan was gone.
Renato ran so much that he finally stopped to get some air.Then he saw Inys , who was aproaching.He cooled a little and glanced around.

"Where are we?" he asked her.

" Beats me...I think the cave is behind us, about some 50 meters." She said.

"Oh man..I didn't know that we ran so much.Let's get back to join them.But are we gonna do? Logan must be somewhere near here...wait.Maybe you go back and tell them that I'm here searching for her.Tell them to come..."

"Okay.Stay cool." Inys finished the conversation and went  back to tell the others.

 Renato looked around one more time.Suddenly , he felt that he was in another place.He didn't feel near the others..instead, very far..He sat on a rock and waited for the others.

Inys walked.50 meters wasn't too far or was it? As she walked, she started to realized that she was in another place.The rocks..the place...everything around her was so different.And she couldn't see the cave...there were no mountains at all.

"Oh no...we're" she thought.

She decided to talk to Renato.She walked back again and to her surprise, he wasn't there.So, what's happening?

Jeremy stood in the cave, looked around at everyone staring at him. His face reddened.

'Er, I hope I'm not intruding here, but how about lets get after that woman before we're stuck here for the rest of our lives?'

He walked out, conscious of everybodies scolding looks. In moments of crisis, sometimes his antisocial streak reared it's ugly heads. He couldn't help it.

He trudged off into the slimy, lukewarm distance, in search of the timer, and hopefully, redemption.

the new Man Stood up and looked, arround wondering what every one was doing here, and what this place is so strange compaired to his homeworld "Greetings" he sais with a dark deep voce. "my name is Janus but every one calls me Magus."
Unbeknownst to Jeremy, he had dashed off in a blind rage and entered one of the strange invisible portals floating around the barren planet.

But where he turned up didn't exactly look uninhabited.

Jeremy blinked as the barren world of the ooze rippled benignly and faded away into a white room. There were small people running around in silver radiation suits that gasped as he opened his eyes.

'We've never had one wake up before!' mumbled a suit, and then scuttled off to a door and left.

Jeremy looked down at his body, and saw that it was strapped down to some sort of dentists chair. All over pieces of his clothing were torn, and electrodes pinched his bare skin.

He blinked in the strong light. Everything started to become clearer, and his throbbing head eased up. 

The room had two large windows on either side. Through the glass he could see more identical rooms. The rest of the sliding group were lying in similar chairs. So
was Logan.

'Such a strange achievement!' said another suit. 'He must be the first case to come out. Extraordinary.'

'I think maybe we didn't dose him enough.' 

'But I gave him 30cc's of haldol you fool!'

'SHUT UP!' screamed Jeremy. 'Where the hell am I?'

The suits looked at each other, and back at him, with friendly looks on their faces.

" Rb ! Where are ya? " Inys shouted hopelessly and waited for a reply.

No reply.

She made one more step and there came that feeling again.There was something fishy.It was like that there was a special wall in front of her.

There was nothing in front of her but hot and desert "Arizona" covered by moving ooze.
She slowly raised her hand and touched the air on her front.After all, there was something...It was soft and fluid like water.The strange thing was that, her hand didn't get wet...Inys tried to connect every pieces of the things that happened since they arrived to that world.She still couldn't figure out, nothing was making sense.That was a was sure.Should she jump in or what? 

She sat on the dusty ground and imagined someone to explain to her what was happening.
Finally , she made her decision: to jump in.

She stood up, closed her eyes and jumped.The feeling was the same as inside a vortex.There was this kind pressure and a power sucking her.Everything was twisting around like a tornado.Then.....she woke up.

Looking around, she recognized the place, it was her house.She was in bed.But how was that possible?She couldn't believe...was everything all a bad dream?

She got up and went to the mirror to see what was she wearing.She was using her usual suit (oog: well, in her world , people wears a special suit to sleep instead of pijamas).

" I'm in my world..that's amazing. " she said loudly , almost laughing.

She went to see trough her window and recognized the same "landscape".Very tall futuristic skyscrapper and flying cars.

Suddenly her communication machine made a sound : " incoming communication".A guy appeared in the screen.

" Inys, how are you? Did you sleep well?"- the man asked.

"Not really, I had this kind of baddream..."

"What nightmare was it?"

"Err, it was that...someone stole the microship from the matrix and the world's energy was gone.Then , I , you and Dex went after the thief trough vortexs ...pretty crazy right? I know...but it was a dream...don't forget.Well, It's good to know that everyone is the way, don't you want to come here and have some coffe ?"

"Nah..thanks.Hey, take care..." the guy finally finished the conversation.

Inys prepared her cup of coffe and picked up a book.She opened it and a horror surprise shocked her body.Her hands trembled and the coffe fell from her hands.

It seemed like everything was fine..except one thing.She couldn't read.The letters weren't well matched and nothing made sense.

She started to cry loudly.Inside her head, she kept saying "why me ? why showing me this ? Where am I ?"

The confusion toke her to the extremes of insanity.She picked up her gun and shot at the things around her.The anger came to her, while the insanity devoured her hope.She gave a last scream....and everything went white.

Her eyes slowly opened and it took some seconds for her to think.Beside her were the other sliders, all tied up in chambers.Only Jeremy was awaken and he was discussing with two strangers wearing weirdo suits.

" Jeremy? Where are  we?" She shouted.

The strangers turned back and their eyes filled with surprise.

'This is most peculiar!' whined a suit, and looked back at Jeremy with a calculated horror. 'Our experiments are failing! Somebody call the brain!'

'Brain?' mumbled Jeremy confusedly. Things were extremely strange, but whenever he felt that he understood it, the memory faded like a dream upon waking.

It wasn't only Inys who had woken up now. The rest of the sliders seemed to be growing conscious again.

'I don't think that that world existed,' said Jeremy to the world in general. 'This is some sort of trick, to keep our minds busy while they observe us!'

The suits scattered. By some unheard command, they all scuttled around giving Jeremy a momentary vision of what tinfoil would look like if it were ever to get excited.

Jeremy frantically pulled electrodes from his body. He jumped up from his chair and grabbed hold of one of the frightened suits.

His legs collapsed underneath him, as if they were numb. Nevertheless his grip on the suit remained strong.

'Where is the timer?' he breathed hoarsely. 'Inys!'

His grip relaxed, and he blacked out.

Inys looked at Jeremy helplessly as he got unconscious again after an injection from one of the suits.

The suits lied Jeremy on the chair and tied him up again.The other sliders woke up and it was a mess.She could see them trying to free themselfs by fighting the suits.A total confusion.Some of the suits fell to the ground and the others were pushed away.However it was useless.The suits got up quickly and gave each of the sliders an injection.The confusion turned into silence.Not even a sound from the others... 

Finally, everything made sense.They were inside an alternative reallity that wasn't real.Thank god.Inys breathed with relief but not for too long as the suits got nearer than they were.She knew that she got to get out of there.

Fortunaly, her gun was still with her, maybe they didn't notice it.

Although her body was all tied up, she made a balance and fell from the chair.Picked the gun from her bag, she cut all the stuffs that were around her. Freeee....yes!

She looked left and saw the suits running to her direction.

" Don't MOVE! " She shouted and the suits did so.

" Wake them up or I blow all you fools." - Inys.

" Stay calm.. "

"Don't start to annoy me, jerk.Tell me what's going on and if you try anything stupid, I'm blowing you ass." she said, in a meaning voice.

"Okay.We found you strangers on the outside of this were all unconscious and since we didn't know who you are and what are your intentions, we decided to study your behaviours and make a conclusion."

"...then why are you locking us inside this world? Why can't you let us go?"

"Because it's your destiny.By the way , let me tell you what's happening.

"This world is no longer over run by humans.Only androids are the ruler of this planet.They created us, a billions of us, and in a final war between the humans, only a half of the habitants survived.

"After this final war, there was nothing left which could provide conditions for the survival of the humans.Only we can live.We never die.

"As the ruler of this planet, we, androids, created a highly sofisticated machine.It can produce alternative reallities for each of the habitants.While they are living inside that reallity, we are in the REAL reallity.We control everyting, like the so-called god.We decide if they live or die.All with a simple button.Isn't that marvelous? The feeling of being their god?
But the thing that got us suprised was the fact that you people are different from the others.Somehow you got the power to wake up from the dreams created by the machine.Well, are you happy after this story? Is sad, but you won't remember a thing when we take you back to the dreams and you'll never see us or remember us...again." the suit explained

"Enough.This people are knowing too much." a voice came out from behind.

"Sorry your excelency, Mr.brain." the suit said.

A figure stepped out from the shadows and shown it's face.Her eyes wide open.This time, she couldn't figure out if it was real or an illusion.

A half man, half android.It was gross.His face was formed by flesh with parts of machine, covered by an artificial skin.His left eye was like a giant red ball that was glowing.He got no hair, and his skull was made with iron.

It was a total iron mask, only with some human parts.

"Well well...Don't point at us with that..that hurts you know? And what's your name, my angel? " he said to Inys.

Janus burst from one of the back doors, and looks arround.  He slams his fists in to each of the silver suited people with lightning speed and seems to be holding three timers, (logans, the main groups, and his own) He looks at every one. "lets get the hell out of here before they wake up. c'mon i know the way." he says as he points out the door.
Jeremy sat in his chair in front of the fireplace back home. Arturo was there, but it was *his* Arturo, the one he'd been searching for.

All around the room were his books, his library of books. Even though books were easily downloaded or scanned, he had spent most of his life buying real books, maybe out of nostalgia or just a need to own something that was his own.

It was warm and comfortable. A gently rain pattered on the windows outside. In a blissful mood, he pulled a book from a shelf and opened it.

Shocked, he opened another one. And another. They had no writing, hs precious books were no more.

Wait, he thought, this can't be real. I've been sliding too long. The ... brain?

'Don't worry my boy,' said the dream of Arturo. 'You are just confused because of the journey.'

Jeremy squinted, and tried to see it for what it really was. The chair is not a chair. Arturo is not Arturo. The fire is not a fire.

He quickly ran over to the fireplace. With a flinch, he buried his hand in the hot coals.

Arturo panicked as Jeremy screamed. The pain flowed into Jeremy's mind, occupying all else. It's not real, it's not real, he kept telling himself. Focus on the pain.

He woke up with a jolt to see Janus running around saving the world. He also saw the Brain. It was beautiful, and he wished he could study it. But he knew that was impossible.

'You can't keep me there!' he screamed.He looked at his hand, which was starting to flake under the immense pressure of his mind telling him that it was on fire. 'I won't go back!'

He grabbed the syringe from his arm, and hurled it at the Brain. it thudded into it's organic eyeball, and it howled in pain.

'Quick! Strap it down!' shouted Jeremy, pointing to the table where he had just experienced a nightmare that was far too real.

Arturo struggled with his bindings.  He easily slipped out of them, those suits obviously weren't very strong when it came to tying people down.

He hurried over to Jeremy on his bed, or, uh, whatever they called it.

"Are you okay, man?"

Jeremy was still shouting and flailing about.

"WAIT!"  He yelled at the group following Janus out of the room. "He's hallucinating!  Rembrandt, get over here!"

Rembrandt was still disoriented.  "Whoa!  What happened?  We were just in a cave getting mad at that Janus guy... Where are we now?"  Rembrandt asked.

"I'm not quite sure... I woke up when that brain guy mentioned taking us from the outside.  I'm just as confused as you are."

Rembrandt and Arturo pushed Jeremy down into a chair and splashed a cup of water, or maybe it was purified ooze, in any case, they splashed it on Jeremy's face.

Looking around, Janus noticed that every one was just sitting there or lagging arround.

"People we must go or they will catch us again, and if we are caught they will kill us. Hurry, we must go." 

Janus looks at the 3 timers:  3:02:36, 36:010:05,??:??:??. "hey guys if we want to get out of here we better go now!"

Jeremy's eyes widened so that the whites were visible. For some strange reason, they were a slight shade of red. He shook his head, trying to shake off the fake realities in which he had been subjected to.

For a second, Jeremy heard Janus speaking, and it sounded like a foreign language. Some screws in his head had certainly been given a good loosening, but he could still comprehend his predicament.

'I believe,' he stated ', that I am going crackers.'

Somehow everything looked out of place. If Jeremy had ever experienced LSD, this would be all to familiar.

'Forgive me. I'm not myself today. I'm not reacting well to these drugs they've given me. I'll feel a lot safer when we're off this world in a calming environment. Where's Logan?'

He looked through the colourful haze for Logan, but couldn't locate her amongst the gathering crowd. Then again, she could have been right next to him and he wouldn't have noticed.

Rembrandt determined that Jeremy was okay.  If not, Arturo was with him.

He walked over to Janus, and took back Logan and their's timer.  "This one is busted, why'd you bring it along?"  He threw Logan's timer into trash and looked at their timer.  "Okay, guys, we're down to 2 minutes, 30 seconds!  Is everyone ready?"

The group pretty much said yes, and Rembrandt positioned himself to open up the vortex.  Arturo hurried and helped Jeremy over to group ready to leave this world behind.

Arturo made sure Jeremy could stand on his own, and went to the trash can and picked up Logan's timer.

Rembrandt pressed a button, and the giant blue vortex swirled out of nowhere.  Everyone except for Rembrandt and Arturo rushed into it.

"Why are you keeping the timer, man?" Rembrandt asked.

"We would probably be correct in assuming that these "suits" haven't developed sliding technology.  And though this timer may be broken, they could still develop sliding from the blueprints this provides!"

"Whatever you say, man." Rembrandt said as they both jumped into the vortex.

The End

This "episode" may be over, but the story isn't.
The Sliders Saga continues in the next dimension.

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