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   Group 2's Second Dimension:
Fear City
Inside the vortex, the sensations were like the same as inside a wash machine.It feels dizzy while your body turns around like a tornado. 

The vortex opened and Rb flew out from it, landing to the middle of the street, the same to the other sliders.

"Man..we'll never land to a safer place." he complained.

Looking around, he noticed that they had arrived to a city.It could be told by looking at the buildings around them, the cars , the factories, etc.

New york.It was night but that didn't justify why it was so, what was going to be?

"Hey, looks like we are finally in a civilized place.A city.what the heck, finally.Let's get something to will taste good."Rb suggested.

"Don't you think that this city is kind of...creepy or something?I mean, look around, is empty, the buildings are all dark and 200 hundred feet not UNsual.Looking at the cars, the factories, everything looks so dark...and look at the moonS.Two moons in a night?" Inys showed the others her point of view.

"Yeah, sure is creepy..but better than walking inside a VR world right? Maybe we can find someone here.Let's get moving.."-Rb. 

As he started to walk, he felt something fishy.Someone or something was watching them...

"Ah, man, not another strange place.  Just look around, we've landed in New York City!!!"  Rembrandt stated.

"That's preposterous.  How could you possibly know where we are right now?"  Arturo demanded.

"New York City was my home away from home when I was touring... We're standing on 4th avenue!  That's how I know!"

"Well, we certainly can't go to the Chandler, now can we?" Arturo was puzzled.  He looked down at the timer he had taken from Rembrandt, "Two weeks.  Well, it looks like we're in the "big apple" for fourteen days."

Rembrandt started chuckling lightly.

"What in the name of God's green earth are you laughing about, Mr. Brown?" Arturo hated when people laughed at him.

"Of course we can't go to the Chandler.  We're in NEW YORK, man!  We've got the Plaza!  Look, we're at 4th avenue and 59th street.  The Plaza is just one block down that way!"  Rembrandt was ecstatic.  The group began chanting their approval, and they made their way down to the Plaza Hotel.

On the way, Arturo was talking to Jeremy.  "The only explanation I can think of, is that Columbus came to the west coast first.  The west coast was colonized first, and California is on the east coast..."

 Meanwhile on another earth many many slides away ... "Come on, come on." A young man about 17 was mumbling to himself in a dark lab. 

Huddled in front of a computer he appeared very anxious. Of course he had a reason. "I can't believe it." He thought hurriedly, "All the work, all the time...  No way they were getting away with it." 

The words he were searching for finally appeared on the screen of the computer. "Data purge complete, All references to sliding have been deleted." A quick feeling of triumph washed through him. 

"No, I don't have time to pat myself on the back."  He reminded himself. He walked to the other end of the lab quickly and quietly. He opened a cabinet and pulled out a device... a device that looked remarkably like a timer in fact it was one. "Bye Bye, Prototype." He murmured as he lifter the timer in preparation for smashing it down. 

"Stop right there Jace!" he turned to see a security guard pointing a gun at him. 

"Listen to me..." Jace said softly, "all the work that has gone into sliding here is just so the government can strip other worlds of their resources. We have to stop them."  The guard looked at him not moving the gun and Jace could hear other guards coming. 

He weighed his options, one hand was capture and probable death. the other. In his right hand in fact stood possible escape. He chose escape. Moving the timer prototype ever so subtly he pointed it directly to his right and hit the button that would open the vortex. At the first sight of the vortex Jace was awed. A feeling chased away by a sudden surge of pain in his right hand as the timer exploded burning his hand badly. However he had no time to react because the guard started shooting and there was no time to think or feel only to run. Without thinking once how he would return or where he would end up Jace Gravlin jumped into the Vortex. The Last thing he saw of his world was the portrait of the project founder hanging on the left wall, A portrait of Logan St. Claire. 

'A beer!' chortled Jeremy. 'What a coarse drink to celebrate escape from mental torture. Let's find an expensive bottle of wine somewhere instead, eh?'

The drugs had dissolved away now, and the only residual effects that remained were a slight dizziness and mild nausea.

'I must say that it is strange that Columbus would land here, and not at the real India. Maybe they hadn't even heard of India yet, and he was trying to sail around the world to Spain instead of from it.'

He wobbled a bit, and steadied himself on his own.

'The one thing here that strikes me as odd is the dual moon system. It's the first time I've ever seen two moons at once outside of a telescope.'

He looked up at the dissimilar moons. All the markings were different, so the so called "Man in the Moon" would be more like a "Deformed Spider Octupus in the Moon". 

'Maybe its just a freak geological anomaly that happened before the dawn of man.' He shrugged.

Then, as if for the first time, he noticed the emptiness of the city. After walking a block to where the plaza should have been, the lack of life seemed to chill him slightly.

Suddenly a vortex opened behind the sliders. Jeremy jumped in surprise*. He fell over and rolled so that he was lying on his back facing the vortex. In the way of whatever was coming through it.

"What the heck are you guys talking about? Who's Columbus?" Rb asked.

The others looked at him , but the truth was that, Rb was born many years after that event.He never liked history anyway..

In his world, only cybernatic stuffs rule the society.Most of the history stuff was being forgotten and only a few people, the old ones, were interested.

Suddenly , a vortex appeared behind them.

Inys scrambled and quickly pulled her gun , pointing it to the vortex , in case a monster or something worse comes out from it.

A guy was trown to the ground.He was about 17 and it was easy to figure out that he was a computer genius or something, just by looking at his face.

"Does anyone remember this scene? Seems so familiar... " Rb remembered the others about the moments when a new arrival comes out from nowhere.

Rb helped the guy to get up.Rb expected that he was a cool guy, so he tried to get well related with him:

" Yo fella, are ya okay? Ma 'ame is Renato Blackburn, call me Rb.What can I call ya?"

Inys put her gun back and a smile crossed her face.The way that Rb was acting made her want to laugh but she resisted.

Rb waited for the answer and looked at Arturo and the others, like "Ups, sorry, I screwed up a good presentation..." 

Jace Looked around uncertainly at all the people in this group. From the Guy helping him up to the guy lying over on the street this did not look like your average group of People. "Oh god, what have gotten myself into?" He thought. 

It wasn't until a second later that Jace Realized Renato had asked him a question. "Oh, My names Jace, Jace Gravlin.

"Uhh I guess you guys have figured out I'm not from around here". Jace was really nervous and growing more so by the second."Uhhhh, the vortex that brought me here was created by sliding. A method that lets you visit alternative worlds.

"Only my timer blew up..." Gestures down at his burned hand."So I'm Kinda stranded here." Jace was starting to ramble but he took a deep breath and calmed down. "Look fact is I have no idea where I am other than it looks like New York. Or for that matter who you guys are.

"So I guess I should really get walking. Uhhh, thanks for not laughing or killing me or whatever they do on this earth God knows what."

"Stay cool, we're not bad guys.Is normal, coz you're not the first to land from the middle of nowhere.Before you, there were a lots of new arrivals, including me.You may feel a little unconfortable with us, we're stranger right?But believe me, sooner or later , you will know us better..About the sliding machine, I guess you better come with us, coz we got one right there on the hands of Mr.Arturo.That's the only chance." Rb smiled to Jace and looked at Arturo.

"Are we going to move or wait here?" Inys said.

"Right..let's go."-Rb

They continued walking and there were still no signs of life.After some minutes of walking , they found a cafe. They entered and , like all the city, it was empty.

"Is good to have a can of beer, but this dead room kills all that happy atmosphere.This is a lovely room of DEAD *sigh*."-Rb.

He went to a fridge near the balcony and picked up a beer. Tasted good...

While the others was inside the cafe taking a rest, Inys Watters was still standing on the outside.It seemed that she was the only one who was thinking too much.

She wondered why there was no one around.Ny city was supposed to be "the city that never sleeps".In the meantime, she felt a cold sensation running over her spine.Like there was something watching her...

She starred at the shinning double moons for a couple of minutes.Then her body paralized.
She couldn't speak, not even turn her head or move her eyes.Her eyes were fixed and suddenly, something made her think about scary things.

Things that she feared the most....a gigantic ugly anfibian that she saw on Tv when she was eight.It's big eyes were the most ugly thing on earth. And, guess what happened next.....

Like she was thinking, a gigantic anfibian climbed down from a skyscrapper, and stood there in the middle of the street , starring at Inys. Inys wanted to scream and call the others, but she couldn't speak and the others were celebrating.  Her gun falled to the ground."Tick..tick..tick..crick."

The thing aproached, smashing the cars and everything in front of it.  Inys was standing right there, near the cafe.

Fortunally, Rb remember her and went to see if she wanted to drink something...  He got outside and saw the thing..he dropped his can of beer..and thought...


The beast stopped in it's tracks when he heard some call out to it.  "Follow me."  It said.

The group ran deep into the cafeteria, hoping they'd be safe.

The godzilla being ripped the roof off of the cafe', and scooped everyone up into it's hand, and trudged off to the giant castle in the center of the abandoned city.

When Jace along with the others was scooped up he understandably began to have doubts about hanging around with this group. As they trudged along towards a weird looking castle in the distance he decided to speak up. "Okay, everyone here has been sliding for a while right? So you would have more of a chance at answering my questions. One why is there a castle in the middle of New York? Two why is this New York abandoned? Three and the one preying most heavily on my mind, WHY THE HELL IS SOME GODZILLA TYPE MONSTER CARRYING US!" he yelled. By the time he had finished asking/yelling they were at the castle and the creature stopped.
'From what I've seen of this thing, it appears to be a giant African Horned Toad. Not that it matters really, because this frog monster seems to be anatomically incorrect.'

The group looked at him very strangely.

'No no no, not anatomically like that. I'm talking about how it is missing certain key elements in its anatomy. If I were a philosopher, I'd say this frog isn't real.'

Obviously nobody believed him - how could a non-existant giant frog take them to a castle inside its non-existent giant hand?

Jeremy turned his attention to the new fellow. 

'Hi ... Jace is it? Don't worry about it, this stuff happens all the time. You'd be surprised what some worlds have to offer. Wait until you see a Kromagg, then you'll have reason to worry!' He fingered the bullethole that punctured the arm of his leather jacket idly.

'At least those guys that had us in VR took care of our bodies. My leg is all nicely bandaged from when Evil Maggie shot me a few worlds back.' He paused to remember Quinn and Maggie, who had slid onto seperate worlds.

His thoughts were interrupted however, when a deep, irritated voice resonated from inside the castle.

'Who disturbs my slumber!'

'Um,' said Jeremy. 'It's going to be a *long* two weeks.'


Arturo reluctantly led the group into the mysterious castle through what seemed to be miles of endless corridors leading nowhere.  Finally, they came to a giant door, at least five stories high, labled with "The Master".

"The Master?"  Rembrandt said half asking.  "What kind of nightmare is this, man?"

"The exact same one we've been running to on the past three worlds." Arturo responded coldly.

"ENTER FOOLS!" The voice called out to them.  The door then swung open towards the group, almost bumping several people to the next millenium.

As the Door flew open whacking a few people real bad, Jace was glad he stayed in the back of the group. Once the ones hit by the door recovered the whole group (as far as Jace Could tell) walked into a massive chamber. A lone figure at the other end of the room sat shrouded by shadows. WHO DARES TO INTERRUPT ME?  "Geez, this guy has a problem." Jace Mumbled, stating the obvious. "DEFILERS PREPARE TO DIE" Jace ignored the guy a second and looked at the group. It seemed most of them knew what was going on. Before Jace could ask if they knew who it was the floor gave way and he and several other sliders plummeted. It wasn't a long fall and Jace recovered quickly. He surveyed his surroundings. It was a four walled room and no apparent escape. the walls were impossible to climb, and the room was dimly lit. He heard voices yelling from above but couldn't make out who they belonged to. He turned to find out who had fallen with him.
Jeremy, as always, had been smacked by the door.

He wobbled even more now, but the fact that he had taken his time to get up meant that he had missed the opening and was still above with the big bad guy.

He adjusted his glasses and took a closer look at the "master".

Despite his obviously amplified voice, the man didn't look very old. Maybe in his twenties. He seemed to have his face painted black and white, so that it was divided into two seperate coloured hemispheres.

'We come in peace?' said Jeremy, at which the man snarled.

The master spoke a word in some language that wasn't of the earth... Well, not their earth anyway.  The floor opened up even bigger this time, and whoever was left plummeted down the chute to meet with the rest.

The walls were padded, and Rembrandt was tempted to start bouncing off of them, but he didn't want to appear insane.

Arturo, being his scientific self was examining their surroundings.  Slowly walking around the perimeter of the room, he looked for any cracks that may prove to be a way out.  when he got to the northwest corner, he noticed a break in the wall.  "Rembrandt, come here and help me."  The two slid their fingers into the break in the padding and curved it around the corner of the wood behind the padding..

"On three," Arturo said. "One... Two... Three..."  The two pulled back and a long, dimly lit corridor was opened up to them.

Relieved to see a way out, Jace, and the others in the room started to walk out. They were forced to stay close together the hall was so little. On the walls were strange markings but Jace didn't stop to look at them though some did. Eventually the Sliders in the group reached a point were the hall gave way to a tall cavern and on the far end of the room was a wall full of doors. 

"CHOOSE YOUR FATE SLIDERS!"  Jace looked around for an intercom or a speaker 
but couldn't find any. 

"How the hell does he do that?" he thought. 


"Oh how original, it's a one door leads to salvation the rest doom plot." Jace said rather cynical. Jace turned to the Old over weight guy that seemed to be the leader and asked "Should we split and look or stay together?" Jace turned back to the doors, there were over thirty. "It'll take a lot of time to search them one by one."

Inys , who was the last to notice the doors, knew that they had to choose.But if there was only one door which lead them to the exit, how could they make it? 

*30 doors is too much..this is like jackpot.Okay, let's see, if we get in the wrong one, we'll have to face our fears.We don't have time, got to make it.* she thought.

In the meantime...

Rb happiness faded away.Some minutes ago he was tasting his cool beer and now he was trapped inside a dungeon.Crap!

He was loosing his pacience.The thing that made him even more angry was the fact that the so-called master was playing them like pets.Just like the lab rats inside a cage.

So tired with his legs, he sat on the floor and put his head on his left hand, waiting for someone to say something.

Before shuting up and start to think, he gave a last shout at "the master" who was somewhere he didn't know...


It had been a while since Rb's last bad worse day.No one can expect what he does when he gets mad.

Suddenly, Rb stood up, passed by Arturo and Jace, and went to the front of one of  the doors.

He turned back and told the others:

"Well, I can't wait for more of this.I want to get out of here.I'm gonna pass trough this door..My fears? A real man can win any fears.Sooner or later we have to do this..see you soon." he smiled , then he entered.

"but.."someone said, too late.

The others stared at the door that Rb entered.It happened too fast, they still needed time to realize what happened. 

"Big fool! He thinks he can pass trough that door? No one ever found the exit and all of them were trapped inside FOREVER tormented by their fears.Ahahaha, your destiny will be the same, just like your friend.But your luck can still keep you alive for a while.Your friend didn't even think and went to his own tombstone.Ahahaha! "the master voice spoke back again.

Inys aproached to Arturo and Jace.

"What are we going to do now?"

Jace turned to Inys. "Well, I don't know what your going to do but I like RB's approach."  He turned towards the doors and walked up to the closest one. 

Right before he walked Jace turned back to the sliders. "Hey, this is just an idea but I don't see anyway to open the doors from inside. Someone should probably stay in case some of us end up fleeing in terror or find the exit. I'll let you guys decide" and with that Jace walked through the door. Jace walked down a short hall and when he cleared it he saw a maze. "great, I hate mazes" Jace thought. 

He entered and walked through the maze all the while muttering about how much he hated mazes. About ten minutes later he was about to give up. "Geez, I could walk around here for hours and not find a fear or an exit. 

Whoever the "Master" is, he sure is demented." That's when he caught sight a mark engraved on one of the Maze walls. It was a Ying-Yang type of symbol but more shaped like an egg with no color just a line separating right from left. As soon as he saw it Jace's greatest fear leaped into his mind. Then the most terrifying sound he'd ever heard sounded in room and he turned as thousands of spiders came around the corner, but of all those one that weighed most on his mind. It was a Giant spider, at least twice his size and eyeing him with all eight eye's hungrily. 

Jace turned and ran screaming "Sweet mother of white delicious Mayonnaise!" With no idea how that got into his head or caring. He was to far in the maze to escape. Fueled by desperation and adrenaline Jace threw himself against the nearest maze wall which to his amazement fell over and to his everlasting joy caused a domino effect knocking over all the walls in his way to the door. However he didn't have time to shout with joy with a giant spider out to get him. 

He ran to the door screaming his lungs out. He felt a little ashamed but facing lots of spiders was one thing. Facing a giant spider that was going to kill him definitely if stayed was another. Besides the exit was obviously not here why stay? He hit the and started pounding it hoping the group had taken his advice about leaving someone behind. All the while the Spiders snuck closer.

Arturo never really answered Jace's question.  RB had pretty much done that for him.  He didn't really want to think of an answer, he just opened up the second door, letting a frantic Jace escape.

"The rest of you stay here.  If you hear any signs of trouble, I want you to get me out, immediately!"  Arturo then walked into the third door.

The Professor was suddenly out in the open.  There was a woman with a clip-board seperating everyone into two groups, each group going to one side of what appeared to be a military compound.  Arturo was in shock, because it seemed that the "Alpha" group was getting a lot less members than the secondary group.

It was at this point he remembered what was going on.  It's "Pulsar World" all over again!

Well, this time, it would have a different ending.  This time Colonel Rickman would NOT escape.  He would change Sliders history.  The Kromaggs would NOT become a main part of their lives, because of some demented writers they've never even seen.

A giant vortex opened up and light was flashing all over the place like a bad disco club.  Arturo ran towards where the "Alpha" group was.  Like an out of body experience, he watched in horror as Rickman shot Quinn, and his other self staggered in front of the boy to take the bullet.

"YOU BLISTERING IDIOT!"  Arturo yelled as he ran with a mad rush to stop Rickman from Sliding.

The fake Rickman spun around in shock... *What??? I just killed you!*  Was written all over his face.  "I just did it once, I'm not afraid to do it again."  Rickman pulled up his gun again and aimed it right at his head.

From out of nowhere, a bullet came from behind Arturo and hit Rickman straight on.

Arturo twirled around like a ballerina to face a fake Quinn holding a smoking pistol.

At that moment, the door to the room opened up, and Rembrandt ran in to Arturo as someone held the door open.  Rembrandt initially saw the lifeless body laying limp on the ground, and began sobbing.  It took him three worlds to get over Arturo's death, and now that he was back, it would be even harder on him.

"What is your problem, Mr. Brown?" Arturo asked from behind Rembrandt.

"I'm SO sorry, Professor... I shoulda never let you come in here alone!"  Rembrandt cried.

Arturo put his hands on Rembrandt's shoulders and turned him around.  Remmy was so happy, he placed his head on his shoulders and continued crying, only this time, it was tears of joy.

Ignored by the group, Jeremy slipped into the furthest door on the right. Exit or not, Jeremy took a chance. Why ponder what could happen for hours before facing it? That would only heighten the fear. If he was going to face it, he needed all the ammo he could get.

The door behind him clicked shut, and then rippled away into the air. He tested the air where it had been, and surely, it was gone.

Where he was still remained a mystery. It looked like a room, but everything was out of preportion. The windows jutted out at odd angles, as did the door.

He looked down at the floor, but never saw it. He suddenly became pale (at least paler than usual) at the sight of his skin. It was writhing, as if a million worms were crawling underneath it.

He felt a sharp pain like a hot needle sticking up from inside, and then another, and stared in horror as silver worms slithered out of his skin and started to eat him alive.

For his last remaining moments alive, he felt the desperate urge to relax and let death take him. His muscles were relaxing involuntarily. With a thin glimmer, the room became blurred, and faded to black. 

'You are dead,' said a voice, neither strong and forceful or weak and introverted. The completely neutral voice said one more word.


The darkness faded and now Jeremy sat in the centre of an auburn room. It was warm, comfortable, and he relaxed instantly.

A white light, brighter than anything he had ever seen filled his vision. He felt at peace, he felt happier than he had ever felt just hearing that sweet, fatherly voice. But what it said caused him to freeze in terror.


The wonderful, warmth dissapeared instantly. His body was suddenly burning hot, being stabbed from inside by white hot razor blades. His eyes were peeling, and he felt pain and suffering like he had never imagined. 

Ghastly shadows danced around his contorted body, chittering beyond his vision. A demon voice beat out a sentence that sounded like shattering glass.


The chittering grew louder. The shadows moved in on him. His fear of death grew to an infinite mountain that couldn't be faced. His mind felt like burning metal.

And with a shudder, he awoke in the real world, at the masters feet.

The others were gone, leaving Inys alone with the silence. Well, it means that she had to go too. She walked slowly to one of the doors but hesitated. Her hands were trembling nervously as she reach her hand to the knob.

"Let it come..." she thought and opened the door with her eyes closed.

She made a step and began to...FALL.

"Ahh!"she gave a low scream.

It was so sudden and without warning. Her eyes opened and all she could see was darkness. Although she was falling, Inys couldn't figure out to where she was falling. She looked down but couldn't see nothing.

Finally, a light covered her and she landed to the ground slowly. She shaked her head and stood up to realize where she was. The darkness which was surrounding her turned into images of a house. Now she was inside a bedroom.By  at the objects around, she concluded that it was a girl badroom.Somehow it looked so rich and full of luxury.So?Was that the fear?!

Inys looked outside trough a window nearby and all she could she was a forest.That house was in the middle of the forest.Hmmm....

Curious to find out what she was going to face, she got out and went to a long long corridor, full of doors.Doors again?

On the edges of the corridor were windows , spreading the light to the corridor.What now?
Suddenly, all the doors opened and tiny kids with knifes came out.No..they weren't kids, they were...dolls and dummies ready to get her killed.

"NO!" Inys screamed.

Inys may be strong on the outside , but inside her heart , she got a weak point too.In her case, it was the dolls and dummies that gave her the creeps.

She walked backwards as the nasty and evil dummies move towards her. They didn't look friendly or cute like the normal ones.They were pure evil. Some of their faces were covered with blood and flesh.Iaic..

Didn't know what to do, she pulled her gun with hope to kill them.Ironically, her gun wasn't working.Damn! Her escaping area was getting smaller everytime they made a step.

"No!!No!!...Helppp!!! Rb!! Arturo!! Someone please!!! *cry*" she yelled.

Somehow , Inys voice was heard by Rb , who was facing his biggest fear : clowns. He feared them since he was five but this time, he wasn't feeling that.All he wanted was getting out of there and "take care" of "The master".

Rb was trapped inside a circus full of clowns and people. They were armed with sharp chainsaws and was chasing the people. Discustingly, the people were cut in half , spreading guts and blood over the floor.The most discusting show on earth but the clowns seemed to enjoy.

Two of them jumped over Rb and he kicked at them, making them explode in the  air.Cool..the situation was under control. Rb did the same to the other clowns,punching and kicking at them like he had never done before. All the clowns died in no time , and the survivors started to disappear, saying " You have passed the test..choose your destiny".

A door, kind of vortex appeared with images of Inys situation.

"Okay Inys, I'm coming, hold on." he murmured.

The dummies trew Inys to the ground and jumped over her with their knifes.She was going to die.. Fortunaly , Rb came from nowhere and helped her.

"Stupid dummies!"

The dummies began to fly.Some of them hit the wall , other were trown out from the window and so on.. In a few seconds, no more dummies were inside the house.

"Thanks..How did you got here?" Inys asked.

"We can say that I WON the war " Rb smiled to her.

It had taken Jace a while to get over the Spider incident but no matter how big that spider had been he felt that he shouldn't have been that scared. Sure he was an aracniphobiac but...  Well, any way Arturo had walked back from the a room with Rembrandt crying and didn't seem all that scared. Jace felt ashamed for running like he had. 

Then he noticed that the guy who had been talking about frog anatomy earlier, Jeremy was his name, was gone. Jace figured that he had just slipped into a room while he was being chased by a big spider. Jace decided to offer another opinion even though he was sure the others were sick of listening. "This isn't working to well, I mean we still are no closer to finding the exit. Heck, we don't really know if  there is  one. I say we wait until Renato, Inys, and that Jeremy guy to come back then come up with a new pla..."  Jace stopped suddenly as he thought of a plan. "No way." He thought "It couldn't be that easy. What the hell."  He began with the first door that no one had entered. He opened then closed it when he didn't see an exit. he did the same thing over and over again to each door in sequence. On the 21st door he opened it and found a hall way with signs saying EXIT THIS WAY. He turned back to the group. "Guys what do you think seems a little to easy."

"Well, it is definately worth trying.  Let's go ahead and search the other doors and see if we can't go ahead and get Jeremy, Renato and Inys back, eh?"

With that, they started with the first door that was entered, and quickly took a peek into each room...

Jeremy suddenly found himself lying on the floor in front of the sliders. His mind was a total mess, and he couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't any more.

These sliders might not be real. This could be more of  the tests. The fear. His mind swirled with the metaphysics of the matter, and he slumped to the floor in exhaustion.

Focus on what's real, he thought. Arturo was real. There couldn't be any more doubt. He'd just have to trust his senses.

He stood up and brushed himself off. So far he had been no help to the sliders, being to selfishly focused on his situation.

He straightened his hair, replaced his fallen spectacles, and glared at the ceiling.

'I know you're out there you bastard. You think you can push me over the edge? I have experienced death. I have experienced the most evil hell ever imaginable. You gave that to me. Nothing more you can throw at me can compare to that. I will make you suffer like you
made me suffer. You have made the worst mistake of your life pal.'

He gave a grunt of satisfaction, and gave the ceiling the finger. Then he composed himself once more, and faced the sliders.

'Let's get that mother fucker.' He smiled devillishly, and cracked his knuckles.

By this time, Renato and Inys had shown up from somewhere out of the blue, so they could get a move on...

"Door 21, did you say?"  Rembrandt asked as he opened that door.

Sure enough, it had exit signs all over the place pointing towards an exit.

"Take a look, Professor."  Arturo leaned over and saw the exact same thing.

Well, I suppose this can't be one of the fear generators.  If it were, then three of us wouldn't be seeing the exact same thing through this door.  Let's get a move on, shall we!"  Arturo then lead the group through door 21.


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