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To date, we've had about 25 people answer with a resounding "YES" to this question.  The response to this RPG has been so overwhelming, it's amazing!  Unfortunately, we're no longer accepting applications for potential members.  

On this T.V. show, there's usually 4 sliders, right?  Well, at one point, the group had about 20 members!!!  To prevent the vortex from overloading, we split the group into two, and though the membership is still a little high, we've reached a comfortable point with about 8-9 members of a group at a time.

Whenever there are openings for a specific group, you will be able to find out right here on this page.

To prevent Tripod from timing out on this site, we're now gonna have a weekly poll where our "join the rpg" page used to be.  Enjoy!

The Sliders E-Mail Role Play is run by fans of the Science Fiction television show,
Sliders.  No copyright infringements are intended.  This is completely
non-profit and done so fans everywhere can have fun.